COVID-19 Update
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COVID-19 pandemic

Openserve continues to take stringent measures to guard the safety of its staff, clients and customers, and to do its part towards preventing the spread of coronavirus however possible

Protecting our people and you

Our technicians and field staff visit thousands of customers in their homes and businesses every day to fix faults and provide new services. We know our voice and data connections can be vital, whether they’re supporting people working from home or maintaining critical services, so to make sure these visits can continue safely, our technicians will ask some simple questions before they arrive or enter the property:


Has anyone on the premises tested positive for COVID-19, or been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, in the last 14 days?


Is anyone on the premises suffering from flu-like symptoms?

A yes response to either of these questions doesn’t necessarily mean the visit won’t take place, but it means our technicians will need to take some further steps before stepping inside the premises.

If the answer to question one is yes, we’ll do a full risk assessment before proceeding.

If the answer to question two is yes, we might need to take some extra precautions, for example, asking people to stay in a different part of the house during the visit, cleaning surfaces or other measures. This will help to keep the visits safe for everyone.

Our network & remote working

Our network has never played a more critical role, and we continue to support South Africa with our robust broadband network, meeting the needs of the ongoing ‘work and learn’ from home high capacity demands.

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